Whitepaper: OXYGEN-NET

What this download is about

vorschau_WP_oxygen-netThe OXYGEN data acquisition software, included in every DEWETRON instrument, can process hundreds of
channels. Analogue, Digital, Counter, CAN and Inertial data are only a few examples.

Depending on the instrument, systems with up to 144 analogue input channels can be realized. But some applications like wind tunnel tests, durability tests, and vibration tests require a much higher channel count. For these particular applications the channel count is between 200 and 1000 channels!

To achieve a high channel count, there are two possibilities. Create a single instrument with high channel count,
or network instruments.

Benefits of this solution
  • Systems with almost unlimited channels
  • Prepare-And-Claim-Technology (PAC) for fast and efficient set up
  • Redundant storing
  • Various SYNC possibilities PTP, IRIG, GPS
  • Remote control (ie: from a wind tunnel)
  • DATA-Source via TCP/IP streams for 3rd party application


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